fear of information disclosure; The US Space Force drew the line around ChatGPT

fear of information disclosure;  The US Space Force drew the line around ChatGPT

news agency Reuters In an exclusive report, it says that the US Space Force has banned its employees from using web-based artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT. The military agency is concerned that artificial intelligence tools could expose sensitive data.

Reuters says the ban on the use of web-based artificial intelligence was notified in a letter dated September 29, 2023 (7 Mehr 1402). In that letter, the US space force told its employees, whom it calls “custodians,” that they are not allowed to use artificial intelligence tools based on large linguistic models on government systems until they receive official approval.

Apparently, the ban on the use of artificial intelligence tools for US space force personnel is temporary and related to the risks of data collection.

Artificial intelligence tools have experienced an explosive popularity in 2023 and have attracted many users around the world. Services like ChatGPT can create text, photo and video with simple commands.

Lisa CostaChief Technology and Innovation Officer of the US Space Force, said in a letter on October 7: “Artificial intelligence will undoubtedly make fundamental changes to our workforce and improve the ability of guards to operate quickly.”

According to Costa, the U.S. Space Force, along with other Pentagon offices, has formed a special task force on generative artificial intelligence to explore ways to use the technology responsibly and strategically.

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