Ezkiwam added money back service to its services


Ezkiwam has added a new cashback product to its services so that people, in addition to receiving credit and installment purchases, can also benefit from this opportunity in their purchases from stores.

According to Ezkiwam’s public relations report, the cashback product is a new possibility in Iran’s Landtech industry, which people can use to have a more convenient and cost-effective shopping experience.

Cashback is a service that some businesses consider as an advantage for customers. In the money return process, a part of people’s purchase amount is deposited into their bank account with their electronic wallet. Using this service by the customer can bring them a pleasant experience.

One of the main features of this product in Ezkiwam is that people do not need to get credit to use it. They choose cashback stores in Ezkiwam and buy the product they need in cash from Ezkiwam portal.

Money back up to 20%

The new service provided to customers in Ezkiwam is that people with every purchase from stores with the ability to return money in Ezkiwam, up to 20% of their purchase amount will be deposited into their wallet under the title “Money Back” in the user panel of Ezkiwam. In this case, they can benefit from the opportunity to buy again. This possibility for users is considered to create a pleasant shopping experience and on the other hand, they can enlarge their shopping cart.

How to use Ezkiwam money back service

Users can choose their product by viewing cashback stores in Ezkiwam. After adding to the shopping cart, they enter the payment portal page. On this page, they select the “Purchase with Ezkiwam portal” option and then click on the “Cash purchase” option. At this stage, their purchase will be completed successfully, and after 10 days, an amount from the purchase will be returned to their wallet under the title “Refund” in Ezkiwam panel. It should be noted that this amount cannot be cashed, but it can be used in future purchases.

As a credit provider platform, Ezkiwam tries to make it as easy as possible for people to use financial services. The cashback product is also a new and different service in Ezkiwam, which provides a more convenient shopping experience for customers and gives them the opportunity to upgrade their shopping cart.

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