Extraterrestrials may be able to see buildings on Earth

Smanov focused on the capabilities of Type 1 and Type 2 civilizations on the Kardashev scale. Type 1 civilizations are hypothetical extraterrestrial societies that can obtain all of their planet’s energy from their parent star, while Type 2 civilizations can use all of the energy from the star itself.

Since the main question is to identify a civilized society, the main focus should be on the search for large ships, buildings and space satellites. Such objects are easily identified as artificial structures. As a result, it is necessary to investigate the reflected light from such objects.

Perhaps the search for an advanced civilization that can harvest the energy of its star may seem difficult and impossible; However, we know that all civilizations are subject to the laws of the world. To reveal the buildings and structures of a civilization, it is necessary to observe them from different angles.

Instead of using astronomically large telescopes (although this possibility cannot be ruled out), baseline optical interferometry can be implemented using two telescopes that are far apart.

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Even with telescopes millions of kilometers in diameter spaced far apart, there are limits to detection distance. According to the findings, the maximum distance to detect a structure with a height of 10 meters is 3000 light years.

Based on the Drake equation (a method for calculating the probability of extraterrestrial life based on constraints such as the number of planets in the life belts) and assuming that possible extraterrestrial civilizations are evenly distributed in the galaxy, Smanov thinks there are 650 extraterrestrial civilizations in close proximity. They can see our buildings and structures.

Of course, extraterrestrial civilizations, based on distance, may see a more distant past than us. For example, these civilizations may observe structures mentioned by the Maya or ancient Roman civilizations.

The above article in the magazine Acta Astronautica It has been published.

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