Everything you need to know about the constellation Scorpio

Everything you need to know about the constellation Scorpio


The legend of the Scorpion constellation

The constellation Scorpius was listed along with 47 other constellations by the Greek astronomer Claudius Ptolemy in the 2nd century AD. But the evidence shows that man had realized the existence of constellations from the distant past.

There are many mythological legends related to the constellation Scorpio. The first legend is the story of Scorpius, or the scorpion, who could destroy any other animal and boasted of this ability. According to the Greek legend, Scorpio had defeated another beast called Orion, which is his side constellation. Often in Greek mythology, Scorpio and Orion are intertwined.

According to another legend, it was Jabar who boasted about killing all the animals on the planet. The hunter goddess Artemis and her mother Leto hired the scorpion to kill Orion. The scorpion killed the giant and Zeus, the god of gods and one of the gods of Olympus, sent the scorpion to the sky after winning the battle and killing the giant.

After Orion was killed by a scorpion, Zeus placed Orion in the heavenly bodies. Orion can be seen in the sky in winter, usually from early January. So, the story goes that Orion hunts in the skies in the winter and escapes in the summer months when the constellation Scorpius appears.

According to another story related to the legend of Scorpio and Orion, Apollo, the twin brother of the goddess Artemis, got angry and sent the scorpion to attack Orion because Orion claimed that he was better at hunting than Artemis. After the battle and the defeat of Orion by Scorpio, Zeus turned both into celestial bodies, but they are visible at different times of the year.


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