Elon Musk’s new problem; Twitter has been accused of “massive copyright infringement” by the music industry


A group of the biggest music publishers in the world, including Universal Music Publishing Group, Warner Chappell Music, and Sony Music Publishing, have filed a joint complaint against Twitter, accusing the social network of “massive copyright infringement.”

The new lawsuit, filed in federal court in Tennessee, names 17 music industry publishers as plaintiffs seeking more than $250 million in damages. This complaint clearly shows that the concern of music publishers about copyright infringement in social networks is increasing day by day.

The CEO of the National Association of Music Publishers says Twitter has no desire to license the millions of songs that circulate on the social network. Unlike other major social networks, Twitter has not done enough to prevent copyright infringement or compensate music publishers.

Twitter is subject to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), which prevents the social network from being sued for copyright-infringing content uploaded by users. The plaintiffs in the case essentially claim that Twitter has failed to adequately address copyright violations.

According to the writing GizmochinaThe plaintiffs in the case have alleged that Twitter knowingly allowed the release of the leaked music and copyright infringement of the music videos. Twitter says it routinely removes this type of content, but music industry publishers disagree.

Publishers who have sued Twitter, with large readerships such as In a, Taylor Swift And Adel They cooperate. This is not the first time that the music industry started criticizing Twitter.

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