Elon Musk: Twitter advertising revenue has decreased by 50%

Elon Musk: Twitter advertising revenue has decreased by 50%


By the way Elon MuskTwitter’s expenses are still higher compared to the income of this social network. The famous billionaire tweeted that the cash flow of his company is negative due to a 50% decrease in advertising revenue and heavy debt. Mask “We have to be cash flow positive before we can enjoy anything else,” he says.

The news of Twitter’s negative monetization comes as Elon Musk recently launched Twitter’s ad revenue sharing program, paying some content creators, including a handful of far-right influencers. Mask On Friday of the previous week, he also claimed that Twitter could achieve the record of the highest number of users. He previously said that almost all of the advertisers who left the platform after he took office are either returning or have announced they will.

According to the estimates of the research company Sensor Tower, advertising expenses during the first two months of this year decreased by 89% to 7.6 million dollars. By the way ReutersTwitter due to pre-takeover debts Mask, should pay about 1.5 billion dollars in dividends annually. Thus, apparently, the various actions of the famous billionaire to reduce the company’s costs were still not enough.


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