Elon Musk revealed the reason for changing the name of Twitter to X


Elon Musk Yesterday, he started rebranding Twitter, and this social network, which became a subsidiary of X Corp months ago, is now called “X”. Elon Musk has even changed the Twitter logo to include the iconic blue bird.

Elon Musk says X (formerly Twitter) became a subsidiary of X Corp. with the aim of preserving freedom of expression and accelerating the “X, Everything App” project. Musk says X is very different from traditional Twitter, and the changes aren’t just at the naming level.

According to Elon Musk, the name Twitter only made sense when posts on this social network were limited to 140 characters; But today, users can post almost anything, including hours-long videos.

Elon Musk says X will be equipped with a comprehensive communication system and financial system in the coming months. mask and Linda YacarinoCEO X is turning this social network into a super application; It means an application that provides different services at once.

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