Elon Musk: I didn’t build Starlink for drone attack

Elon Musk: I didn’t build Starlink for drone attack

The CEO of SpaceX probably did not think that he would be involved in a big challenge by sending the Starlink satellite internet system to Eastern Europe. After Russia destroyed Ukraine’s telecommunications infrastructure; The use of Starlink created an important tactical advantage for this country. Elon Musk has previously stated that he is very afraid of a sudden nuclear war in Ukraine; Therefore, in a secret way, he prevented the attack of the Ukrainian drone on the Russian naval fleet.

With the start of the war in Ukraine and the country’s demand for help against Russian attacks, the SpaceX space company activated the Starlink satellite system in the region of Eastern Europe and Ukraine and provided equipment worth tens of millions of dollars to the Ukrainian army. According to Walter Isaacson in his biography of Elon Musk, he deeply regretted his company’s involvement in this war.

According to some reports, the Ukrainians had installed Starlink receivers on the drones, creating an unbreakable connection that could control the drones from anywhere.

Musk says in an interview with Isaacson:

After expressing displeasure about the high cost of Starlink services in Ukraine, SpaceX was able to get the support of some Western governments to cover the costs. But at the same time, a new concern was raised by Musk: nuclear war. According to reports, he met with some Russian officials and was convinced that Ukraine was on the verge of a nuclear attack. Therefore, he immediately reacted to Ukraine’s drone attack on the Russian ship near Crimea.

Ukraine had equipped a group of submersible drones with Starlink receivers and prepared them to attack the Russian ship. Musk believed that this action might lead to the start of nuclear war. So he ordered the engineers to shut down Starlink in the Crimea region and this stopped the explosive drone operation.

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