Elon Musk has accepted an offer to train the UFC champion for a potential fight with Mark Zuckerberg

Elon Musk Proposal Georges St. Pierreaccepted the legend of the UFC championship for training and fighting training, because it is possible to witness a physical battle between the famous billionaire and Mark Zuckerberg to be

Saint Pierre By publishing a tweet addressed to Mask He said: “I am a fan of your propaganda and help you to fight with.” Mark ZuckerbergIt will be an absolute honor for me.”

Mask “Okay, let’s do it,” Pierre tweeted in response.

Saint Pierre He is one of the professional martial artists who is known as one of the greatest fighters in the history of this sport. He is a two-division UFC champion and has won many titles in these competitions.

Dana Whitethe head of UFC announced on the phone with Mask And Zuckerberg talked and both are serious to fight.

Although the details of the fight between Mask And Zuckerberg It hasn’t been announced yet, but it looks like Tesla’s CEO is gearing up for a fight.

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