Elon Musk continues to revolutionize Twitter

Elon Musk continues to revolutionize Twitter


Since last week, Twitter has shared part of the revenue from the ads displayed in the tweets’ replies with content producers to encourage its users to publish more posts; That too in a situation where the competition with Twitter has increased by other social networks.

Despite the significant payout, there are still a number of content creators who don’t fully agree with Twitter’s new policy. They go directly to criticize Twitter’s policy Elon Musk they went. Elon Musk said he would handle things like accounts eligible for monetization and daily limits.

According to single crunchTwitter has so far paid five million dollars to content producers. A number of users said they received four or even five-figure salaries.

However, an old Twitter policy states that users who have profiles of animals or fictional characters are ineligible for monetization; Unless they have a direct relationship with the Twitter brand. One of the users objected to this approach and Elon Musk said that he will cancel the policy in question.

Another problem was raised by a very active Twitter user. He said that recently he faced a lot of restrictions when viewing tweets, which is a strange thing; Because his account has a blue tick and he is a subscription user of Blue service. If all goes well, subscription users will reach their daily limit after about eight hours of continuous scrolling, Elon Musk said.

In response to data mining by foreign companies, Twitter announced it would limit the number of tweets each user sees in a day. Twitter even made the viewing of posts conditional on having an account; But that restriction was lifted after a few days.

Elon Musk, in response to a user who reported about Twitter’s daily limit, said that he will reduce the number of tweets for subscription users by 50%.

Musk also said that Twitter will soon count the number of views of ads on the profile page for users and share a portion of the revenue with them. According to Musk, this will almost double the money paid to users. Of course, only visits made by shared users will be counted so that bots are not used to increase profile visits.

In response to another Twitter user, Elon Musk has said that this social network will soon enable live video streaming for subscription users.


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