Driving license follow-up and inquiry

Regarding tracking the certificate through the postal system, keep in mind that this process is free and you do not need to pay any fees to track the status of your certification.

Of course, apart from the system that it has designed and provided to track identity documents, including certificates, the postal organization also has a census that gives people the opportunity to track the status of their certificates by sending an SMS.

In order to inquire and track their driver’s license in this way, people should add the letter R to the beginning of their postal code and send it to the SMS number 2000441 so that information about the status of sending the license will be sent to them.

Driving license tracking via SMS

Another way to track your certification offline is to track your certification status via SMS. You can send SMS to two numbers for this purpose.

1. Send SMS to the number 1101202010:

To follow up through this number, you need to send your national code as an SMS to the 1101202010 system. After sending the national code to this system, a message will be sent to you to send the number 4 to confirm and activate the certificate service. After entering the number 4 and sending it as an SMS, you will be informed about the status of your driver’s license.

2. Send SMS to 1100 number:

If this is the first time you are tracking your license through this system, you must first send the number zero as an SMS to the number 1100 so that your national code and mobile number are verified by this system, which belongs to +10 police.

After confirmation, you must first text the number 1 to the number 1100 and then send your national code so that the system will notify you of the status of your certificate by sending an SMS. Remember that sending each SMS to this number will cost 1000 Rials (100 Tomans).

Driving license tracking by phone

Another way, if you don’t have access to the internet or don’t want to use online methods, is to follow up on the status of your driver’s license after 40 days have passed since you passed the theory and practical driving test by phone and by dialing the phones that are for this. As announced, follow up on the status of your certification and make inquiries.

For this, you need to dial one of the numbers 81253561 and 81253573, which are IVR phones, and inform yourself about the status of your certificate by announcing your name and surname. Don’t forget that this method will only work if 40 days have passed since you passed the theoretical and practical driving tests.

Pursuing certification in person

In addition to all the online and offline solutions for tracking and requesting a driver’s license, there is also a face-to-face method to do this. Therefore, those who do not have access to a telephone, mobile phone or internet, or who prefer the in-person method for any reason, should go to one of the +10 police centers to track the status of their license.

In order to inquire about the status of your driver’s license from the +10 police, you need to provide documents. So remember to bring your national card with you and also, when you pass the driving tests, you will be given a receipt as a certification receipt; It is necessary to present this receipt in the face-to-face method of tracking the driver’s license so that the +10 police center operator can inquire about the status of your driver’s license and inform you.

Pursuing the missing certificate

As you know, a driver’s license is an essential document to prove that you have the skills and legal competence to drive; Therefore, it is necessary to carry this document with you and if you lose it, reissue it and make a duplicate copy.

After the certificate is lost, in order to be able to have your certificate once again, it is necessary to announce the loss of your certificate in the first step, so that you can then apply for a duplicate certificate.

Registration of missing certificate

When you lose your driver’s license, you can easily report the loss using the system provided by the Iran Post Company. To do this Posted system Visit

On the main page of this system, click on the “missing registration” option from the top bar to open a new page. On this page, select the type of lost document, i.e. car license or motorcycle license. On the next page, you need to enter your identity details and finally click on the “Register” option to complete the missing report process.

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