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if we want bodybuilding program to define, we must say that it includes the number of weekly training sessions in which the movements used in each session are specified along with the number of sets and repetitions of the movements and their order.

This is the simplest possible mode for the training program; But what other things can be added to it and make it more complete? Obviously, without having a picture of every move, you may have to constantly refer to other athletes. Even professional bodybuilders sometimes forget how to perform certain movements.

This is where having a motion picture can help you. The image of movements can be both in the form of a photo and in the form of a video. In Gomag, all training programs include photos and some of them include videos of all movements.

How to choose an exercise program

By entering Gomag’s fitness program section, you will see a large number of training programs, each of which has its own characteristics, and you can choose them depending on your needs and goals. Each program has the following four characteristics:

  • Target: In this section, it is clear what this training program is designed for and what results you will achieve by doing it.
  • level: In this section, the level of each program is specified. The levels of the training program are divided into three levels: beginner, semi-professional and professional, which you can choose according to your own conditions.
  • Training days per week: This section specifies the number of training sessions per week. For example, if the word “5 days” is written in front of it, it means that the program has 5 training sessions per week that must be repeated for the desired period. For example, if the total length of the training program is 8 weeks, you should repeat those 5 sessions for 8 weeks.
  • Suitable for: This section also specifies that the exercise program is suitable for men or women or both. Many training programs can be used jointly (women and men); But some of them are specific to one gender.

According to the above explanations, everything is ready for you to start bodybuilding in a basic way. First, try to determine your level. It is not difficult! If you have never exercised or been away from exercise for a long time, you are a beginner.

If you’ve been training for a while (say, a few months), it’s best to go for semi-professional level programs. The professional level is clear from the name! If you have been training regularly for a long time or have just completed a semi-professional level program, this level is for you.

No one can determine the goal of each person except himself. There are many training goals and sometimes they can even combine with each other and create different situations. Find out what you want to do in bodybuilding.

You may be interested in fat burning and slimming, or you may want to increase your muscle mass and be interested in volume programs. It totally depends on you and your physical condition. Of course, one goal is common among all bodybuilders, and that is body beauty. So, ignore it and try to think a little more carefully about your goal.

The important thing to mention here is that the number of movements in any bodybuilding program does not determine its level in any way. We Bodybuilding exercises We have so many that each of them can be effective in its own place.

There may be 8 movements in one session of a professional training program and 10 movements in one session of a beginner training program. This number difference does not in any way violate the level of these two programs and attention should be paid to the overall design and purpose of the programs.

Nutrition in bodybuilding

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