Do not soap your heart; The new European law does not return replaceable batteries to phones!

Do not soap your heart;  The new European law does not return replaceable batteries to phones!


Requiring phone makers to produce devices equipped with replaceable batteries is one step closer to reality. The Council of the European Union is seeking to finalize a new legislation that focuses on the life cycle of batteries to ensure their safety, sustainability and competitiveness.

A new EU law states that by 2027, smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices must be equipped with portable, user-replaceable batteries. The European Commission says smartphone manufacturers have enough time to make changes to their devices.

Sammobile In an analytical report, it says that the approval of the new European Union law does not necessarily mean the return of the era of replaceable batteries for smartphones in the traditional style.

The European Union clearly states that “a portable battery is a battery that can be replaced by the end user through commercial tools and without the need to use specialized tools; Unless the phone makers want to provide free dedicated tools, heating devices or solvents to remove the battery.”

In other words, the European Union is trying to make battery replacement easier. Nowhere in the new law does it say that the user must be able to replace the battery without the need for tools. In the not-so-distant years, the user could open the back panel of the phone and replace the battery without any special tools. Such a design is not going to return to the mobile market.

Samsung has largely adapted to the new EU law. Unlike previous years, the battery of Samsung 2023 phones is not attached to the frame of the device. Samsung’s new batteries are placed in special compartments and it is possible to replace them without the need for a thermal device.


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