Disclosure of Beats Studio Pro specifications; A cheaper version of AirPods Max?

Disclosure of Beats Studio Pro specifications;  A cheaper version of AirPods Max?


The leaked specifications of the upcoming Beats Studio Pro headphones show that this product has been significantly upgraded in terms of quality and capabilities. Using custom 40 mm drivers, this new headphone preserves sound quality and clarity almost perfectly. According to Bates company, the amount of sound distortion in the mentioned product will be almost zero.

Beats Studio Pro supports many of the features of AirPods Max, including active noise cancellation and Transparency mode, surround sound with Dolby Atmos, and personalized surround noise tracking.

Currently, it can be said that the performance of Apple AirPods Max is much better than the current Beats Studio 3 in terms of sound quality and special features.

However, all the advantages of AirPods Max have made this product available at an expensive price. By contrast, the Beats Studio Max 3 came in at $349, making Apple’s flagship headphones almost twice as expensive as the Beats at $549.

Not to mention, the Beats Studio 3 can now be had for under $200 at some retailers, and the upcoming Beats Studio Pro is expected to carry a $349 tag.

BGR He writes that Beats Studio Pro will offer features that are not even in the AirPods Max; He mentioned 40-hour battery life, headphone jack, and USB C charging.

According to the revealed attractive features of Beats Studio Pro, this product can be an attractive option for people who have given up buying this product due to the expensive price of AirPods Max.


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