Disclosure of 100 million passwords on the Internet; Change your password

Disclosure of 100 million passwords on the Internet;  Change your password

According to Troy Huntsecurity expert, more than 71 million email addresses and 100 million passwords have been exposed, which is considered a significant event.

Hunt is responsible for an important website called Have I Been Pwned (HIBP) where you can find out if your email and all the accounts you created with it have been leaked or not by entering your email.

“About 35 percent of the email addresses seen in the HIBP dataset are new,” Hunt wrote in his blog. “It appears that this important information leak is still ongoing.”

“A lot of data is collected through malware installed on phones,” says Hunt. Especially programs that record people’s personal information as soon as they enter.”

The new information is believed to have been collected from illicit.services. The now-defunct site allowed profiteers to search for data based on registrants’ names or email addresses.

While digging through his compromised data, Hunt found a password he used until 2011. According to him, this information leak is very big and they even have access to the old information of millions of people.

Hunt suggests changing your email password and all your user accounts and choosing passwords with a combination of numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters, and different symbols, and for added security, turn on two-step authentication for your accounts.

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