Disappointment of Apple fans; The MacBook will not be equipped with an OLED display until 2027

Apple has moved to OLED panels at a much slower pace than companies like Samsung. A number of iPhones and Apple Watches already have OLED displays, however, this display has yet to make its way to iPads and MacBooks.

According to Omdia research institute, Apple will soon equip iPad and MacBook with OLED display; Of course, at first we will see the iPad equipped with this screen.

GSMArena He writes that the 11-inch iPad Pro and 13-inch iPad Pro will receive an OLED display in 2024. The production of these two high-end tablets will begin in the first quarter of 2024.

It is said that Apple is looking to use LTPO OLED display in iPads. LTPO means that iPads will have a display with a variable refresh rate.

Apple usually uses the best displays on the market in its devices. Even the current iPad mini LED panels are among the best LCD displays on the market. Apple always invests heavily in the display quality of its devices.

Apple’s mini LED display has many qualities and advantages, but the use of OLED makes the iPad more advanced. OLED displays display deep blacks and have great control over panel brightness to deliver high contrast and HDR. OLED displays are also more energy efficient.

According to informed sources, Apple’s MacBooks will not be equipped with an OLED panel until 2027. Previously, it was said in other rumors that MacBook will receive such a display by the end of 2024.

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