Disable this iPhone feature immediately!

Police in other regions of America have also warned parents about NameDrop; Including the Watertown Connecticut police who issued a warning through Facebook. Some parents in the area said on Facebook that they had recently updated their children’s iPhones; But they were not aware of the new feature.

Some iPhone users have reported that, contrary to police claims, the feature does not automatically exchange contact information. As Apple’s official video shows, when two iPhones are placed near each other, users must first enter their contact information and then choose to share a phone number or email (the other option is to just receive the other person’s information). Then tap on Share and finally “Done”.

How to use half drop?

To share information from iPhone to iPhone or Apple Watch, you must first hold the iPhone a few centimeters above the other person’s iPhone or Apple Watch.

To share from Apple Watch to another Apple Watch, go to the Contacts section of your smartwatch. Next, tap on your image in the upper right corner and tap on the share option. Then bring your Apple Watch near the other person’s Apple Watch. In this mode, both Apple Watches will vibrate to indicate the connection is established.

Hold the devices near each other until the NameDrop option appears. Then, you have to choose whether you want to share contact information and receive the other person’s information, or just one of them.

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