Did the Cambrian explosion really happen?

Nanglo Karma, a Harvard University paleontologist who studies Ordovician and Cambrian fossils, understands the reason for the so-called “Cambrian explosion” and also acknowledges the bias’ impact on biodiversity estimates; But according to Nanglo, there is good evidence for the Cambrian explosion.

Regardless of whether the databases are biased for specific groups or regions, a general trend of increasing complexity is seen in fauna. Nango says, it is not the case that two species are equivalent to each other in terms of diversity, but species A and B are significantly different in terms of body structure, how they grow and their ecological role, and how they live, and the direct evidence of this claim can be found directly from the rocks. found

The reasons for this biodiversity are not entirely clear, but scientists have some hypotheses. During the Precambrian, the supercontinent of Rodinia was divided into several parts, including Gondwana (present-day South America, Africa, Australia, India, and New Zealand) and Laurentina (much of North America). During this time, oxygen levels in the oceans rose and there was a greater share of tropical and shallow seas. In this way, perfect conditions were provided for the evolution of new and later fossilized species. A similar hypothesis exists for the breakup of the supercontinents Pannotia and Pangaea, and researchers have found a link between continental breakup and biodiversity during the Phanerozoic Era (541 million years ago to present).

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