Deactive Trades training; Is it possible to delete Trades account?


Disable trades

If you have registered on this social network just to view trades and now you want to delete your account completely, we have bad news for you; It is possible to completely clear threads only by deleting the Instagram account.

Meta wrote in the Trades privacy policy section: “You can deactivate your Trades profile at any time, but your Trades profile can only be deleted by deleting your Instagram account.”

If you are not ready to delete your Instagram account, you can go for deactivating threads. You don’t have a difficult task ahead of you in order to disable Trades.

Keep in mind that by disabling Trades, your own posts and your interactions with other people’s posts will not be visible. Any interactions you’ve had with posts will be available after you reactivate Trades.

Even if you disable Trades, all your posts will remain on the Meta servers; Unless you manually delete individual posts. In case of deleting the Instagram account, Trades data will remain on Meta servers for 90 days.

Follow the steps below to disable Trades:

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