Dana is a Persian smart voice assistant


In recent years, with the advancement of artificial intelligence, the interaction of users with computers and technology-based tools is constantly changing. Audiences in this field are looking for easier ways to use technology. Google and Alexa voice assistants are also tools that make it easier for people to work with technology. It can be said that among all technology-oriented tools, working with virtual keyboards for searching on smart TVs or Android boxes is one of the most troublesome tasks. The bad user interface of virtual keyboards and the time-consuming nature of working with them are the main problems of using smart TVs.

One of the facilities that Don, the home entertainment platform, has created an audio assistant on smart TVs and Android boxes. Tim Dun’s goal is to make it easy for users to use technology. This goal made this team think of creating a voice assistant based on Persian commands for Iranian users.

wise It is a Farsi-speaking smart assistant that helps users of the Don platform to find the desired content without looking at the screen or entering the search bar and only by saying the voice command.

Knowledgeable abilities and capabilities

Searching and finding the desired movie or series:

With the help of Dana, users can find the name of the movie, the director’s name, the genre of the movie, the name of the actor in the movie and the series they want.

• Announcing weather conditions or Islamic times:

This voice assistant can tell users the weather of any city or the Sharia times of any city.

• Announcing the results of football matches:

In the last World Cup, the skill of searching among the summaries of football games was added to Dana. Dana can process the user’s request and find out the game specifications and important game events and report the result to the user.

• greeting:

Another service developed in the Dana team is limited chat in the form of daily greetings with Dana.

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