Continue the positive trend of Nvidia; The green team will soon take over Qualcomm’s position!

The first quarter revenue of Nvidia’s gaming and data center units increased by 20% and 10%, respectively. Nvidia’s profit grew 13.5% to $6.73 billion. Along with revenue and profit, Nvidia’s market share also grew, and the company is likely to take Qualcomm’s place soon.

Companies like AMD and MediaTek continue to struggle with challenges such as excess inventory as demand hits rock bottom. Both companies have faced a decline in revenue and market share and are not in an interesting situation. AMD and MediaTek have not been able to attract artificial intelligence customers to the extent of Nvidia.

Trendforce says the integrated circuit design industry will be in a better financial position in the coming quarters as inventory conditions improve. The release of the new generation of chips will also help this industry.

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