Connect the phone to the Samsung TV

second stage: Play the desired video and click on the Cast icon at the top.

third level: Wait a while for the search to finish and see the TV name in the Cast results, now tap on it to transfer the phone image to your TV screen.

Be careful that you should not use the IP change tool on the devices for an easier connection, if you need this tool, it is better to launch and set it directly on the modem so that the entire network is placed in a tunnel.

How to transfer images from phone to Samsung TV

If you want to mirror your entire Android phone on the TV, you should use a feature called Screen Mirroring. As the name of this feature suggests, this feature basically transfers everything that is displayed on the phone screen to the TV and will have almost less privacy compared to the previous method.

Thus, if you play a video, the video will be seen on the TV, and if you close the program and open another program, the whole process can be seen on the TV. In short, the Screen Mirror feature mirrors the phone’s display on a larger screen. This feature is used to display different content from programs that do not support the Cast feature.

Follow the steps below for Screen Mirroring on Android phone on Samsung TV.

first stage: Enter the settings section of the phone.

second stage: On the settings page, click on Connection and sharing and in the new window, click on Screencast.

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