Conference on Iran’s opportunities in the digital age; Understanding the challenges, solutions and needs of businesses in new markets

In the first conference of Iran’s opportunities in the digital age (IDEAS) in order to identify challenges and provide solutions to achieve the goals of “better life, better business, better governance”, various meetings in various formats such as multi-talks (speech and providing solutions in related fields), The IDEAS table (examination of various themes of life, business and better governance by professors and experts) and discussion with experts (examination of various dimensions of lifestyle and economy in the digital age) will be held.

The panels and discussions of the first “Opportunities of Iran in the Digital Age” conference will be held in 6 main axes, which are:

• Financial industry, drivers of opportunity creation: money revolution, cryptocurrencies and CBDC, the future of banking and payment, the prospect of fintechs and neobanks, etc.

• Digital platforms in Iran: mobile superapps and smart digital assistants, valuation challenge and IPO of platforms and…

• Society and digital citizen: data analysis of social networks, digital skills and the future of work and…

• Digital solutions in response to national challenges: the perspective and capacities of circular economy and sharing economy, the future of food, food security and fourth generation agriculture and…

• Creating opportunities for traditional actors: the country’s industries in the digital era, the role of innovation centers in digital transformation and…

• Transformative trends based on technology: fluid architecture and both data and system texture, artificial intelligence engineering and…

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