Conditions for participating in the 2024 US exam – Diyar Danesh School

Conditions for participating in the 2024 US exam – Diyar Danesh School


Applicants can be admitted to the university according to the capacity announced through Turkish universities in the various fields of their choice based on the results and passing score. But what is the US test? What are the conditions for participating in the US exam? What fields is the YS exam for? How much is the cost of the exam? How are the results announced? Is it possible to participate in the US exam at any age?

What is the YOS test?

“US Exam” is a test that international and non-native applicants take every year in order to study in different universities in Turkey, and as a result, based on the score and points they get, they are admitted to Turkish universities. They can choose a field.

It should be noted that this test is for the purpose of admitting students to public universities in Turkey. However, some private universities also accept students in this way.

US test It is held once a year and due to the fact that the test is based on the Turkish language, it is considered a strong point for those who are fluent in the Turkish language.

Every university in Turkey conducts this exam in a special way and in this way challenges the concepts of mathematics, intelligence and logic of the participants. Every year, universities determine the capacity to accept students through the YS exam.

One of the benefits of passing this exam is studying in the best fields in Turkish universities, as well as the possibility of using a discount for paying tuition fees.

It is necessary for students to obtain a passing grade. After obtaining a passing score in the YS exam of any university, you can choose a major in the same university or universities in the same tier that accept the exam score.

One of the things that should be considered is that if the applicant gets the highest score of the quorum, he can apply for the scholarship.

Who can participate in the US exam?

The YOS exam is for foreign applicants. Naturally, people who have Turkish citizenship will not be allowed to participate in the YOS Turkey exam. However, if you are a citizen of Turkey, but you completed your high school education abroad, you can take the yos exam.

In general, despite the fact that studying in Turkey ranks among other European countries, admission to study in this country is relatively easy compared to other European countries.

The Diyar school complex conducts the preparation classes for the YS exam and provides counseling and support to the exam applicants to prepare for studying in Turkish universities.

What fields is the YS exam for?

By participating in the YS exam, you will be able to study in all the fields that are taught in Turkish universities. Some fields have more applicants, such as medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing, etc.

It is not possible to participate in the pilot field through this test, because in order to pass this field, you must either be a citizen of Turkey or register in pilot schools.

Required documents for the 2024 US exam

In general, no other document is required to participate in the US exam, except for a passport and high school transcripts. Due to the fact that age conditions are not included in this test, people of any age can participate in the US test.

At the time of registration, information such as address, phone number, father’s name, etc. is required. On the day of the exam, you must have your passport and admission slip with you.


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