Cold in summer and its treatment

Cold in summer and its treatment


Medicinal treatments and home remedies for colds in summer

No medicine can kill the viruses that cause most colds in the summer. However, the following treatments can help reduce symptoms:

  • decongestants;
  • Antitussives;
  • Over-the-counter pain relievers and fever relievers such as acetaminophen and ibuprofen;
  • Using an air humidifier while sleeping to reduce the dryness of the air and help reduce cough;
  • Steam bath to help relieve congestion.

There is some evidence that honey may help treat coughs, while zinc may help shorten the duration of a cold. However, you should note that you should never give honey to a child under one year old.

Sometimes colds can cause secondary infections. For example, some children get ear infections after catching a cold. Antibiotics can treat these secondary infections. However, it is important to note that antibiotics do not cure the common cold. Using antibiotics to treat colds can reduce the effectiveness of these drugs over time and contribute to the development of antibiotic resistance.

If you catch a cold in the summer, treat it like a winter cold: rest, plenty of fluids, and medications like acetaminophen. Since colds are caused by viral infections, antibiotics will not cure them. There are effective over-the-counter medications and home remedies that can help ease your discomfort. These treatments do not cure the infection, but they can help reduce symptoms and discomfort.

Sleep is the best treatment for most viral infections. When you feel tired, try to rest for at least eight hours a day. Other tried-and-tested home remedies include drinking plenty of water, especially in the warmer months, to help your body recover from the infection.

Eat a diet rich in nutrients like vitamin C to help boost your immune system. Chicken soup also has an anti-inflammatory effect and can help clear the nasal passages faster. Humid air can also help reduce congestion and increase your comfort.

If you don’t have a humidifier, try taking a warm shower when you wake up or before going to bed. Also, by using a netipot (a device for rinsing the nose with salt water), you can clear excess mucus from the nose and sinuses to breathe more easily.

While air conditioning can be a real boon in the summer heat, it can also create a cold, dry environment that viruses love. Your throat may also be irritated by the dry environment. Always keep the air conditioner at moderate temperature and use throat lozenges to relieve sore throat.


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