Charging speed and NFC technology will be improved


Tap-to-Pay services like Apple Pay may soon no longer require a tap-to-pay component. NFC technology, which enables one-tap payments in shops and terminals, will receive features such as increased communication range, more powerful wireless charging for small devices such as headphones, and more in the next two to five years.

NFC stands for Near Field Communication, which is used today in thousands of different devices, including smartphones. The NFC Association has outlined its work plans until 2028; an association in which hundreds of different companies such as Apple, Google, Huawei, Sony, Qualcomm and NXP are present.

One of the problems with NFC technology is its very short range. NFC-enabled devices must be within 5mm of each other for a successful connection. The NFC Association plans to increase the range of this technology between 4 and 6 times, which will become about 30 mm or 1.18 inches. Thus, people who use public transportation in crowded places will more easily use their electronic tickets to pay for their trips.

According to the announcement VergeNFC wireless charging power will increase from the current 1 watt to 3 watts. Although this amount also seems very small, it seems to be enough to add wireless charging support to many small devices such as wireless headphones.

The NFC roadmap includes other changes to facilitate point-of-sale transactions as well. Apple last year enabled a new API for its Tap to Pay service, which allows developers to use their iPhone as a payment terminal. The goal of future NFC standards is to localize this feature so that businesses and individuals can make payments anywhere.

The NFC community is also looking to add a “multi-purpose tap” feature that can do multiple things, including letting all of your concert tickets in with just one tap.

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