Chamber of Commerce elections were held on the blockchain platform of Phoenix Company

Chamber of Commerce elections were held on the blockchain platform of Phoenix Company


In this period of elections, which were held on Thursday and Friday, 25th and 26th of June 1402, the selection of the new board of directors of the Tehran Province Chamber of Commerce was based on blockchain technology and hosted by the Qaqnos company’s relaxation system, with the participation of 84% of the voters.

The elections of chambers of commerce across the country were held in March of last year, and after confirming the names of the elected private sector, government institutions introduced 20 representatives in the Tehran Chamber of Commerce at the end of May.

The Chamber of Commerce of Tehran Province, in the tenth period of its holding and simultaneously with the changes in the regulations of holding the elections of the Iranian Chamber, for the first time elected its board of directors through the online voting system and on the basis of blockchain technology.

Yekta Qaqnos Pars Company, with the mission of developing applications of distributed ledger technology and providing new services on the basis of the Qaqnos network, as the first and largest distributed ledger infrastructure (DLT) in Iran, designed and developed a secure blockchain election system based on the distributed ledger. phoenix has done

So far, the online election system of Aramesh has held more than 200 elections at the provincial and national levels.

The Association of Official Judicial Experts, the Construction Engineering System Organization, the Municipal Retirees Association, the Associate System Organization, the Computer Trade Union System Organization, the Society of Notaries and Clerks, as well as the Agricultural and Natural Resources Engineering System Organization, are among the institutions that conduct their periodic elections through the blockchain system. They have held peace.


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