CEO of Honor: We are not afraid of “powerful iPhone”.

CEO of Honor: We are not afraid of “powerful iPhone”.


Honor, which has become an innovative brand in the mobile industry in recent years and today makes foldables lighter than the iPhone 14 Pro Max, recently unveiled the Magic V2. Zhao MingHonor’s CEO, in a new interview, emphasized breaking Apple’s monopoly and creating innovation in the mobile industry.

Referring to the dominance of the iPhone on the mobile market, Ming said: “20 years ago, who would have thought that the iPhone would overtake Nokia? We should not shy away from challenging the mighty iPhone. Success requires the presence of fighters and belief in our own abilities. Limiting ourselves by assuming that success is impossible is harmful.”

Honor CEO says the production of foldable iPhone will be a positive event; Because more players will enter the foldable market: “If the iPhone continues to use a flat screen, Honor will continue to grow and push the boundaries. In this competitive market, the actions of any competitor should not cause us fear or worry.”

According to GizmochinaHonor’s CEO continued to emphasize that his company should make its position more stable and focus on dreaming for the future. According to the CEO of Honor, this Chinese company will release a new slim foldable phone at a reasonable price this year.


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