CEO of Fanap: We must turn our companies into universities that train efficient workers

Stating that the digital economy has the capacity to attract students for a serious change in the job market, the CEO of Fanap Group of Companies said: In today’s world, technology-oriented companies can play an important role as a complement to universities.

According to Fanap’s public relations and branding report, Dr. Shahab Jawanmardi, on the first day of the two-day conference “Opportunities of Iran in the Digital Age”, which was held on Sunday at Milad Tower Convention Center, Tehran, referring to the statistics of the Migration Observatory, said: Although the departure of efficient forces from the country It is very sad and sad and brings tears to our eyes, but in the current situation, we have to wash our eyes and look at solving the problem in a different way.

He said: I believe that the people who have gathered in this conference and in this hall definitely did not aim to share their sorrows and look at the issues of digital economy development as a solution; As every place in the world that has gone towards development has been able to find a solution to its problem.

Dr. Javanmardi pointed out 4 points related to the current concern of the country’s innovation and technology ecosystem activists and said: The first point is that we are removing the ability of many young people of this land from the circle of fruition before they come to fruition, and the head of the growth tree of this We cut people off. The question is, is it really true that 20% of the 100,000 people who take the exam are talented and 60% are not efficient? And can’t the remaining 20% ​​be effective if trained?

CEO of Fanap Group of Companies added: In a population of 85 million, only a few million people who immigrated from this country since 100 years ago have been efficient and able to work? Can’t we improve our problems with this current population and the large number of concerned Iranians?

He named the second concern as degree-oriented in companies and said: in many parts of the world, the issue of degrees and degree-orientedness is on the decline and professional qualifications, soft skills and specializations value people’s work; This is while what is being implemented in our companies is the accreditation of doctoral and postgraduate degrees, which is considered the fashion of the society.

The Vice President of Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture added: In the United States, from which we learn growth and development, in more than 11 states, the issue of degrees and degree orientation has been left out of circulation and big companies have abandoned it.

Dr. Javanmardi called the third concern of the country’s innovation biosphere the concern of the arrangement of expert human resources and said: Economic enterprises have always objected to the issue of why our higher education system is better and it should be continuously trained, educated and developed after graduation. Did he invest from university? But I think the solution is that we should turn our companies into universities that train efficient forces for society.

He emphasized: Economic and technology-oriented enterprises in today’s world can take on a more serious role as a complement to universities. Universities are in charge of training people until the age of 20 to 25, but companies can take on this task until the end of their working life. So this issue should not be neglected.

The CEO of Fanap Group of Companies considered the fourth concern to be related to the age of the workforce and explained: We are mostly looking to recruit workers who have been in universities for years and are tired and unmotivated. For this reason, the average age of people to be recruited in our labor market is 26 years. This is despite the fact that in most cases in the world, young people are attracted to the labor market from the age of 20 and have been trained since the student period.

Emphasizing that the digital economy has the capacity to attract students for a serious change in our labor market, Dr. Javanmardi said: If we look at the development and the future of the country, we must remember that everything starts with people. It extends with man and ends with man.

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