By 2025, Google will introduce Jamnai artificial intelligence into Android

By 2025, Google will introduce Jamnai artificial intelligence into Android

Google has announced plans to integrate its advanced artificial intelligence model Gemini with Android smartphones in 2025. This action will be done after the introduction of the Jumna Nano model, which is actually a lighter version of the Jumna Ultra model and requires internet access to run.

It is possible to use powerful artificial intelligence models directly on devices. This means that users can use many attractive and practical features of this technology even without internet access and their privacy is also preserved.

According to CNBCJumnai Ultra, Google’s powerful artificial intelligence model, uses 1.56 trillion parameters and is placed at GPT-4 level of OpenAI company in terms of content generation capabilities. The integration of this model with Android products, including Google phones, Samsung phones, and Xiaomi phones, will make a wide range of functions and capabilities based on artificial intelligence available to millions of users.

In recent years, smartphone sales have declined, and companies that manufacture these products are looking to use the capabilities of artificial intelligence to provide new innovations to attract consumers to their phones again.

Analysts are cautious about the integration of artificial intelligence with smartphones; Because the current developments in this area do not seem convincing enough for the general public of users, and as a result, these people do not see a strong reason to upgrade their smartphones to newer models.

Although Google pursues a different goal in the field of artificial intelligence than other companies active in this field, it has made a huge investment in the development of chatbots and artificial intelligence assistants, and changing the name of Bard to Jamnai is one of these examples.

Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, believes that providing integrated artificial intelligence throughout his company’s ecosystem can help users perform various tasks. The integration of advanced artificial intelligence models with Android phones in 2025 will create a very important change in this field and users can have a different experience of working with phones.

It remains to be seen how the mentioned idea will go in the end and most importantly, how much people will welcome this change. According to the specifications and features of the flagship phones that have been introduced recently, it seems that in the near future, one of the necessary conditions for these products to be included in the list of the best phones in the market will be the provision of artificial intelligence features.

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