Binance exchange sells Bitcoin with a discount of 3 thousand dollars!

Binance exchange sells Bitcoin with a discount of 3 thousand dollars!


Yesterday, a group of crypto users noticed that the price of cryptocurrencies listed on the American branch of the Binance exchange (Binance.US) was much lower than that of other exchanges. Many users called this happening as depagging of cryptocurrencies.

Currently, Bitcoin is trading at $27,536 on Binance; But the global spot price of this cryptocurrency reaches $30,106. Thus, Binance is selling Bitcoin at a discount of about 8.5%.

According to Cointelegraph, other digital currencies have also faced discounts on Binance. The price of Ether is 200 dollars cheaper in the American branch of Binance and this cryptocurrency is traded at the price of 1,695 dollars. A number of stablecoins such as Tether also faced a price drop and their value reached $0.915. Tether always has a one-to-one ratio with the US dollar.

The drop in the price of cryptocurrencies in the American branch of Binance seems very attractive to those who make arbitrage transactions; But most investors cannot use this discount. The reason for this is that the discount is only applied when users trade the cryptocurrency with fiat dollars in the American branch of Binance.

The problem is that the users of the American branch of Binance have lost the ability to charge their account with dollars since about a month ago. In fact, only those who have added dollars to their Binance account before June 9 can use the discount.

Concerns that Binance.US may soon suspend dollar withdrawals have led a number of users to sell their cryptocurrencies at a cheaper price than the market in order to quickly get their assets out of the exchange.

According to Binance’s official email, American users have only 10 days to withdraw their dollars from this exchange. The suspension of part of Binance’s activities is the result of complaints from regulatory bodies. At the time of the original lawsuit, it was said that all of Binance’s operations in the United States could be suspended.


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