Big danger for YouTube; 30-minute videos are coming to TikTok

TikTok is testing a feature that allows users to upload 30-minute videos. This feature represents a big change in the short video format that is the reason for the popularity of this social network.

Matt Navara, a social platform consultant, has seen the new feature of 30-minute videos in the beta version of TikTok for iPhone. according to Navarra Reportsome users have also seen this option in the beta version of Tiktok Android.

Tik Tok initially became popular because of hosting short videos; But it slowly began to embrace long-form video content. If the new change is widely implemented, TikTok will move away from its original 15-second time limit. TikTok first increased the limit from 15 seconds to one minute, then to three minutes and finally to 10 minutes. The platform started testing 15-minute videos a few months ago.

The new change will put TikTok in more direct competition with YouTube. Previously, TikTok was considered a platform for short-form video content and YouTube as a platform for long-form content. In recent years, as TikTok has embraced long-form videos and YouTube has embraced short-form videos, the line between the two video platforms has somewhat blurred.

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Tik Tok’s new feature gives creators more time to share content and allows networks to upload full episodes of TV shows.

Not all users want to watch long videos on TikTok; Especially since most people watch short and quick videos on this platform. Therefore, long videos may not be popular with some.

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