Apple’s Mac Pro became a problem when it didn’t arrive!

After years, Apple unveiled the new generation Mac Pro without changing its appearance at the WWDC 2023 conference to complete the migration of Mac family computers to a dedicated processor. The Mac Pro was launched shortly after the event, and while it’s been a while since its launch, Apple’s newest desktop system has encountered a strange bug.

Apple released a statement saying that Mac Pro 2023 has a software bug that disconnects internal SATA drives in Sleep mode. This issue will be fixed when the next macOS Ventura update is released.

based on what Toms Hardover Apple sells Mac Pro computers with at least one terabyte of SSD storage for $6,999, he writes. Buyers can choose two, four, or eight TB configurations for an additional $1,000 to $2,800.

Apple has also made it possible to buy separate kits. These kits are not like regular SSDs and connect to the M2 Ultra processor controller. Meanwhile, the Mac Pro also has two standard SATA III ports so that users can use other drives as well.

Mac Pro buyers have noticed that this computer displays a “Disk not ejected properly” warning after exiting Sleep mode. Mac Pros seem to recognize SATA drives as flash. The main reason is that as soon as the Mac Pro enters Sleep mode, some SATA drives disconnect from the system.

Apple has not yet released a list of drives that have problems with the Mac Pro. The company says that before the new update is released, users should restart the system after every problem. Another recommendation is to disable Sleep mode.

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