Apple’s 2 billion dollar fine!

Apple’s 2 billion dollar fine!

One of the latest iPhone performance limitation cases is still ongoing. Apple tried to close the said case; But he did not achieve his goal.

According to the report ReutersThe Competition Appeal Court in the UK has announced that the “Batterygate” case will continue. According to the lawsuit, Apple had deliberately limited the functionality of iPhones in previous years to entice people to buy new models. At the time, Apple said the performance limitation was due to aging of the phone’s battery.

According to the British court, some issues must be resolved before starting the proceedings; including that the current case is too general and does not contain precise details. If the case is successful, Apple may be fined $2 billion.

Apple says in a statement that it has not taken any action to reduce the life of its products and has not had a negative effect on the experience of working with devices. This company was previously fined 500 million dollars in the United States for limiting the functionality of the iPhone.

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