Apple wants to take the Epic Games case to the US Supreme Court

Apple wants to take the Epic Games case to the US Supreme Court


Apple is making a last-ditch effort to continue charging fees for App Store in-app purchases. The company has asked the Supreme Court of the United States to hear the appeal of the Epic Games case.

According to AndroidTwo courts below the Supreme Court have ruled that Apple must lift its ban on alternative payment methods. This policy is considered a very important part of Apple’s business.

The lawsuit between Apple and Epic Games started in 2020; When the new Fortnite update allowed gamers to get the game’s digital coins through an alternative payment method. This action was a direct violation of Apple’s rules, and as a result, Fortnite was removed from the App Store. In response to this situation, Epic Games sued Apple in court.

The case between Apple and Epic Games included victories for both sides. In 2021, a judge in the United States said that Epic Games knowingly violated the rules of the App Store; For this reason, Apple can still prevent Fortnite from being released on the App Store.

Also, the judge said that Apple is not a monopoly company; But it should enable the use of various financial services. Apple filed an appeal in response.


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