Apple Vision Pro headset USB-C dongle costs $300

Apple Vision Pro headset USB-C dongle costs $300

Apple has released a $300 Vision Pro mixed reality headset dongle on its developer website that allows you to connect to a Mac via a USB-C port.

Apple says the Developer Strap is very useful for speeding up the development of graphics-intensive apps and games.

This accessory is designed to provide a standard experience like the Right Audio Strap, so it can be used to develop and test apps and games.

says John Gruber of Daring Fireball Developer Strap is only available to developers who are logged into a paid Apple Developer account in the US.

Early this morning, images of the Developer Strap were published in Apple’s support department, which showed that the company will use the said accessory to fix problems with the Vision Pro headset in its official stores.

The price of Apple’s virtual reality headset is $3,500 for the base model, and as expected, Apple’s official accessories for this product are also sold at a high price.

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