Apple unveils the first M3 Macs a month after iPhone 15!

Apple unveils the first M3 Macs a month after iPhone 15!


Mark GermanBloomberg’s veteran whistleblower, in an exclusive report says The first Macs equipped with the M3 processor will be unveiled in October, one month after the introduction of the iPhone 15. These computers will include iMac, MacBook Air 13 inches and MacBook Pro 13 inches.

Rumors say that the number of cores of the M3 processor will be the same as the M2, but the M3 will achieve more processing power and lower power consumption thanks to the use of 3nm lithography. M3 is supposed to be the world’s first three-nanometer processor.

Garman did not say that Apple will hold a press conference to unveil the new Macs or that we will witness the unveiling of these products through a statement.

On the one hand, the unveiling of new Macs is not far from the iPhone 15 ceremony, and it is far from expected that Apple will hold two big events in two consecutive months; On the other hand, it’s unlikely that the all-important M3 processor will be announced through a press release alone.

Garman says that Apple will release the new generation iPad Pro with an OLED display in 2024. Probably, this fall we will see the unveiling of the new generation of iPad Air with an upgraded processor. The current generation iPad Air uses the M1 processor.


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