Apple may soon remove the notch at the top of Mac and iPhone screens

According to Digital TrendsCurrently, MacBook and iPhone screens use different technologies and sensors. Users at work, at home or in public environments such as libraries use tools such as webcams, facial recognition sensors, ambient light sensors, etc. on a daily basis. By registering its new patent, Apple has probably seen the future in the field of user experience from those screens without cuts and with very thin borders.

Apple will have a challenge to remove the bezels and notch above the display. All the sensors should be moved under the display, but this work, with the technologies we know at least today, reduces the light received by the camera and the ambient light sensor and seriously limits their performance.

Apple has found a solution to this challenge by adding transparent areas to the display. Sensors can receive the light they need through these transparent areas. In this way, all the components and sensors that are currently on the screen are hidden under the screen in the new patent and still receive the required light.

You may think that the presence of transparent areas on the screen makes the design of Apple products ugly; The patent mentions that transparent areas can be very small, for example a few millionths of a millimeter. These transparent areas are densely packed together and act as a single transparent surface, but individually they are too small to be noticed by the user during use.

If Apple decides to commercialize this patent, the facial recognition sensor technology under the display that users have been waiting for for years will finally come true; Also, according to some news, Apple has been developing facial recognition technology for its Mac laptops for some time.

All of the material reviewed in this article was about a patent that Apple may never commercialize. However, as long as there is a gap in Apple’s displays, it will have to be tolerated.

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