Apple made a statement: The security of iPhone users is at risk

Apple made a statement: The security of iPhone users is at risk

With the iOS 17.4 operating system, Apple makes major changes to the iPhone’s software ecosystem to make it possible to install applications outside of the App Store. These changes will only apply to users living in 27 EU countries.

Apple in His new press release It has clearly confirmed that the new App Store changes are the result of the European Union’s Digital Markets Act (DMA). The company could have applied the changes globally if it wanted to, but it didn’t.

The maker of MacBook and Apple Watch laptops continues to stand against the European whistleblower law and believes that the changes to the App Store endanger the security of users.

“Apple is not offering these changes outside of the European Union because it is not the most secure system for our users,” Apple’s statement read in part. We have talked quite clearly about the threats that DMA brings; including increasing the risk of malware, fraud, and illegitimate and inappropriate content, as well as reducing Apple’s ability to respond and remove malicious software. The changes required by DMA include new technologies and trends that have not been tested and may require further development.

The American giant of the technology industry, which is now considered the most valuable brand in the world, explained how it had taken steps to reduce risks before changing its policies: “We have implemented privacy and security systems in all our services – from operating systems to the App Store – We develop completely from the ground up. “We review apps and their updates to make sure apps are transparent about the data they collect and to detect malware and fraud.”

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In another part of its new statement, Apple has said that the changes applied to iOS are not done at the request of the company and are the result of pressure from the European Union. Apple still believes it has the best policies: “The Digital Markets Act in the European Union requires us to reform a formula that has served users and developers well; “Changes that bring new options and at the same time bring risks.”

Apple has said that due to the approval of the DMA law, it will issue licenses for the operation of various online stores. The company will also enable the use of engines other than WebKit in browsers such as Chrome and change the App Store fee structure.

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