Apple joined Trades; The number of users has exceeded 100 million people


After only four days, Trades is on the verge of crossing 100 million users, and now many famous celebrities and brands are present in this social network. as 9to5Mac He writes, a number of accounts affiliated with Apple have also been activated in Trades.

The Apple News user account entered Trades before other accounts affiliated with this company. Since then, we have seen the activation of AppleBox, Apple Music, Shazam and Beats accounts. Other accounts are likely to make their way to Trades soon.

Entering Trades is conditional on having an Instagram account. Apple has a strong presence on Instagram and always publishes new posts. As of this writing, only the Bates account has posted on TradesPost.

Apple’s entry into Trades is important in this respect Phil Schiller, one of the senior managers of the company had deactivated his Twitter account some time ago. He previously did the same for Instagram, but the tension between Apple and Twitter has always drawn more attention. Unlike Trades, Apple has shown no interest in participating in Mastodon.

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