Apple is likely to unveil its first smart display soon

Apple is likely to unveil its first smart display soon


Mark Gorman From Bloomberg in the latest edition of his famous PowerOn newsletter, he said that it is possible that Apple is planning to make a new display that will use a custom chip like the Studio Display; Thus, it can function completely independently of the Mac and act as a smart display when not active.

We have been seeing rumors about Apple’s new display for some time now. For example, maybe this brand is working on a 27-inch miniLED screen, which will actually be a new model of the expensive Pro Display XDR display and will offer features such as access to the Siri assistant.

to the writing of VergeApple’s new Smart Display feature will be very similar to the StandBy feature in iOS 17. This feature allows iPhones to display clocks and other items in landscape mode when they’re plugged in, acting like a smart display. While sleeping, this feature is somewhat reminiscent of alarm clocks by displaying a matte red color on the screen, and of course, it also offers gadgets such as smart home control.

The StandBy feature is similar to one that was first rumored to be added to the iPad last year; Of course, Apple did not introduce this feature for its tablets at the WWDC 2023 event, and we do not know whether it will be provided in the future versions of iPadOS 17.


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