Apple is likely to buy TSMC’s sub-nanometer chips at a discount

Apple is likely to buy TSMC’s sub-nanometer chips at a discount


news agency Digitimes In an exclusive report, it says that TSMC’s new projects will significantly increase the company’s revenue in 2024, and chip designers are already looking to reserve TSMC’s two-nanometer processor production line.

Apparently, the price of each 2nm TSMC wafer reaches $25,000. In the manufacturing process, chips are cut from the heart of the wafer. This makes every company unable to reserve a production line. According to informed sources, the situation is different with Apple. Due to the huge volume of orders, Apple can get a discount from TSMC.

The price of each three-nanometer wafer is $20,000; But Apple pays less money for the same wafers. TSMC is in talks with various companies to start mass production of donanometer processors in 2025. The company is looking to start pilot production in a factory called Fab 20. Apple and Nvidia are mentioned as the only customers of this factory.

According to reports, TSMC has increased its 3nm wafer production volume to 100,000 units per month. The significant increase in production volume is the result of forecasting high demand for the iPhone 15 series phones. iPhone 15 will be the first phone in the world with a 3 nanometer processor.


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