Apple got another 90 days from the court; CEO of Epic: Justice is delayed again!

A US court has agreed to Apple’s request to temporarily halt changes the company is forced to make to the App Store. According to a previous ruling by the US Court of Appeals, Apple must repeal a set of App Store rules that the court found to be “anti-governance.” After the cancellation of these rules, developers will be able to add a different payment system to their applications.

The appeals court ruling is stayed for 90 days until Apple takes the case to the US Supreme Court. The iPhone manufacturer is trying to cancel the decision issued by the Court of Appeals through the US Supreme Court.

to report VergeApple does not allow developers to redirect their users to different payment systems. Thus, all users purchase subscription services through the financial system of the App Store so that Apple receives a fee. This statement also applies to in-app purchases.

After an extensive investigation, a district court in the United States concluded that Apple’s approach to iOS is not anti-competitive; But the company should make it possible for developers to use different payment systems.

It is currently unclear whether the US Supreme Court will agree to Apple’s request to hear the case or not. If the Supreme Court disagrees, Apple must implement the changes. If the Supreme Court takes over the case, the implementation of the changes will be delayed until the Supreme Court’s ruling.

Lawyers for Epic Games, the biggest critic of the App Store’s policies, say Apple’s claims do not qualify for Supreme Court review. Tim Sweeneythe CEO of Epic Games, tweeted that justice was once again delayed.

A 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals judge, while accepting Apple’s request, says the Cupertinos are ignoring the court’s findings by trying to take the case to the Supreme Court. He says that given the appeals court’s arguments and findings, Apple’s claims would be dismissed with the slightest investigation.

The initial judgment of the Apple and Epic Games court, which pointed to the cancellation of the aforementioned rules of the App Store, was issued in the summer of 2021. Apple and Epic Games quickly filed an appeal, and a few months ago the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the initial ruling. Now Apple wants the US Supreme Court to take a look at the case.

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