And now Apple; Apple GPT artificial intelligence chatbot is under construction!


news agency Bloomberg In an exclusive report, he writes that Apple is producing a dedicated artificial intelligence chatbot, and some Apple employees call this chatbot Apple GPT. according to Mark GermanAccording to the whistleblower, Apple currently has no concrete plans for a public release of Apple GPT.

Apple’s chatbot uses a proprietary large-scale language model (LLM) called Ajax, which is running on Google’s cloud servers and developed with the Google JAX framework. Google has developed the Google JAX framework with the aim of accelerating research in the field of machine learning.

Sources close to Apple, speaking on condition of anonymity, say that “several teams” within the company are working on the Apple GPT project. One of Apple’s goals is to address privacy-focused concerns; A topic that has always been discussed since the public release of chatbots like ChatGPT.

Other big companies in the technology industry such as Meta, Microsoft and Google have embraced artificial intelligence at a high speed and have made available various services based on this technology; However, Apple has been significantly absent in this area. The company has told its employees that they are not allowed to use ChatGPT to prevent disclosure of confidential information.

Despite Apple’s silence in the field of artificial intelligence, the company has been using the hot technology these days in its various products and services for years. Apple’s most famous artificial intelligence, the Siri voice assistant, is one of the oldest assistants in smartphones, but it still lacks advanced functionality. Critics say Siri has to overcome many hurdles to succeed.

Bloomberg says John Gianandreaformer member of Google and Craig Federighi, the senior vice president of Apple’s software engineering department, have taken on the task of leading artificial intelligence projects. According to Bloomberg, Apple will announce “significant” news in 2024 focusing on artificial intelligence.


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