Amazon starts selling cars online

Amazon starts selling cars online

After choosing the desired model, customers can personalize it as desired and finally, finish the transaction with their preferred payment method. After that, the purchased car can be picked up personally from the dealership or for more convenience, you can choose the home delivery option.

Laws in 48 US states restrict or prohibit direct sales of vehicles to consumers by automakers. Auto dealer unions in various states have repeatedly sued the company in court with the aim of stopping the sale of Tesla products through its website, as a leader in this field.

The remarkable point in this whole story is that the company founded by Jeff Bezos He is not supposed to obtain a dealership license or appear in the role of a car dealer; Instead, it acts only as an interface between the buyer and the seller. It is not clear whether other automakers will join Hyundai in its partnership with Amazon.

Hyundai’s new collaboration with Amazon, in addition to exposing the company’s cars to the impressive range of customers of this retail store, will lead to Hyundai’s products being equipped with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant from the beginning of 2025. Also, the Koreans have chosen Amazon’s AWS business as their cloud service provider.

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