Amazon Drought Reveals Ancient Rock Faces

Amazon Drought Reveals Ancient Rock Faces

A severe drought has reduced river water levels in parts of the Amazon rainforest to their lowest point in Brazil, and the low water levels have revealed a series of stone carvings dating back to the pre-Columbian era (a period before Europeans arrived in the Americas). exposed.

The ancient rock carvings, last uncovered more than a decade ago during a similar water shortage in the region, depict a number of human figures and other figures. Of course, it is still unclear who created these works of art and for what purpose.

The design of strange and significant figures, which were usually submerged in the waters of the Rio Negro River, has been seen in the Punta das Loges area, near the city of Manaus, the capital of the Brazilian state of Amazonas. The water level of the Rio Negro River is currently at its lowest level in 121 years, and last week it dropped below 13 meters for the first time.

The figures were last seen in 2010 at the confluence of the Rio Negro and the Amazon River; When the regional drought caused the water level to drop to 13.63 meters. A resident of Manaus told AFP that he had heard about the carvings after the last appearance of the figures; But he was not sure of their existence until he saw them himself.

Jaime Oliveira In an interview with local media, the archaeologist explained that the recent drought has revealed more carvings than during the 2010 period of low rainfall. While archaeologists can’t pinpoint which pre-Columbian culture may have created the carvings, Oliveira explained that the area is “an ancient site from the pre-Columbian era, with evidence of habitation dating back to around 1,000 to 2,000 years ago. »

“What we see here is an image of human-like faces,” Oliveira added. Next to the figures, archaeologists found another rock that contained traces of grooves that may have been made by ancient native hunters or warriors sharpening their arrows.

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