After 32 years of searching, mathematicians discovered the ninth Dedekind number

After 32 years of searching, mathematicians discovered the ninth Dedekind number


to report Science Alert websiteAfter nearly three decades of continuous search, mathematicians were able to discover a new example of a special integer called the Dedekind number with the help of a supercomputer. This number is called the ninth sample of Dedkind numbers or D(9) and is equal to:


This gigantic number is after the previous 23-digit Dedekind number or D(8), which was discovered in 1991. The concept of Dedekind number is difficult for non-mathematicians to understand. In fact, the calculations related to this number are so complex and include larger digits that it was not clear that researchers would ever be able to discover D(9). By the way Lennart van Hirtuma computer scientist from the University of Paderborn, Germany, for 32 years calculating the number D(9) was considered a big problem and we even thought that calculating this number would be impossible.

Boolean functions form the main axis of Dedekind number. These logic functions usually select the output from two-state inputs such as true or false or zero and one.

Monotonic Boolean functions are functions that limit the logical operator to a specific direction; In such a way that switching zero with one in the input causes the output to change from zero to one, not the other way around. The researchers described this problem by using white and red colors instead of zeros and ones; But the problem is the same.


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