After 11 years, Zuckerberg tweeted and mocked Elon Musk

After 11 years, Zuckerberg tweeted and mocked Elon Musk


While the social network Trades Meta, as a competitor of Twitter, managed to attract millions of users only a few hours after its initial launch. Mark Zuckerberg The CEO of this company now, after 11 years of absence on Twitter, used the opportunity and by publishing a post, Elon Musk poked fun at the famous meme of two identical Spider-Men pointing the finger at each other.

Elon Musk Less than two hours after the tweet Zuckerberg “I’d always rather have strangers attack me on Twitter than hide in the fake happiness of Instagram,” he replied.

Controversial tweets Zuckerberg And the mask comes as the Threads app managed to attract more than 30 million users less than 24 hours after its initial launch.

Zuckerberg He wrote on Threads: “It will take a while but I think there should be a billion users in this program. “Twitter had the opportunity to do that, but it didn’t.”

The launch of Trades is another point in the storied rivalry between the two tech giants. The controversy between the CEO of Meta and the owner of Twitter went so far that Mask And Zuckerberg They decide to participate in the cage fight.

Zuckerberg It now benefits from Instagram’s extensive user base and large amounts of capital, despite numerous advertising mistakes Mask On Twitter, make Twitter a better place.

Futurism He writes, since Mask Twitter took the reins The social network has become a haven for hate speech as the famous billionaire purposefully loosened its content moderation guidelines. Reuters says the latest mistake Maskwas to impose restrictions on viewing posts.

Time will tell if Threads can be a Twitter killer. However, the rapid increase in the number of users of this platform should be an alarm for Mask and Twitter. In addition, many famous people like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortezrepresentative of the United States, quickly appeared on the new social network Meta.

Ocasio-Cortez “I hope this platform has a good vibe, a strong community, great humor, and less harassment,” he wrote on Threads.

Zuckerberg Quite clearly in Trades vs. Musk “We’re definitely making this a friendly place,” he wrote.


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