Activation, tariff and deactivation

If you do not have this application, you can use the web application. In this manner after entering the version through this addressin the SIM card services section, you will see the roaming option and you can simply enable or disable it.

In all these steps, note that if you have already activated the international call restriction service, you must first deactivate it in order to use roaming services. To deactivate this service, you must dial the command codes 10*2*2922* or 2*8*800*.

You can also purchase roaming packages to use the roaming service, which will automatically activate roaming for your SIM card.

Disable roaming service

Deactivating the roaming service is done with the same methods as you activated it and we taught you before. You can change the roaming status to disabled using any of those command codes or my companion app.

Roaming conditions and fees

It is better to buy your roaming package on the day of departure before the departure gate to better manage costs.

If you activate your roaming, you will be free to turn on your mobile phone or receive text messages in the host country. Roaming calls are charged per minute. If both mobile phones are Iranian, the cost of the call is the responsibility of the person who called.

If you run out of credit, the first carrier will disconnect your mobile phone.

Roaming tariffs are only for calls to Iran and the host country. If you want to make a call to another country, you will be charged according to the international tariff.

If you have the first mobile internet package normally, they are disabled when you use roaming and your internet cost is according to the roaming tariff.

If the permanent lines of the first mobile phone become one-way, roaming will be automatically terminated.

Note that you have paid your bill before leaving the country and have enough credit to use the roaming service.

If you don’t want to use your SIM card’s internet, disable the data roaming option in your mobile settings.

What are the roaming tariffs?

Roaming tariffs vary depending on the host country this page You can see the tariffs by selecting the country you want.

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