Activate this iPhone feature now

Activate this iPhone feature now

In order to protect users’ sensitive security information, Apple released the Stolen Device Protection feature for all types of iPhones equipped with iOS 17.3. In addition to iPhones, various Apple tablets have also received this feature.

According to Apple’s official statementThe Stolen Device Protection feature removes the concern of those who worry about their information being stolen when creating an Apple ID or bank accounts. Stolen Device Protection eliminates thieves’ access to Keychain by adding an extra layer of security to eligible devices.

The new iPhone security feature detects locations such as users’ home or work, and when unknown people try to use their device in these locations, it activates a new biometric security loop.

Steps to activate Stolen Device Protection on iPhone

Due to the greater safety of features such as Face ID and Touch ID compared to passwords, it becomes much more difficult for thieves to access users’ vital information. This means that if a device with Stolen Device Protection enabled is stolen, the thief has no way to access the information except by using biometric features.

If the iPhone or iPad leaves the recognized locations, using passwords saved in Keychain or Safari, turning off Lost Mode, requesting a new Apple Card, and using the iPhone to set up new devices will also activate the feature.

Additionally, if someone wants to sign out of their Apple ID account, change the password, or reset the device to an unknown location, they will need to wait an hour after being authenticated through biometric features, and then go through the authentication process again. to do

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Changing your password and updating your Apple ID security settings, adding or removing your face and fingerprint, and disabling the Find My feature also enable this feature.

If two-step authentication and Find My are enabled, users can activate Stolen Device Protection by referring to the Face ID/Touch ID & Passcode section.

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